****ELEMENTARY REMINDERS – Come to school dressed in “La Sele” Soccer Gear tomorrow

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families:
*What a wonderful first two weeks of school it has been!* I wanted to personally thank all parents and families for the wonderful support and kind comments we have received starting the school year. They mean a lot to us as a Berkeley Academy family and we appreciate you more than words can describe.
Congratulations to Costa Rica on winning the soccer match (U.S. 0 – Costa Rica 2)! Mr. Boughton and I had to do 50 push-ups each for the loss this morning. We were very tired and the students were very happy to see Mr. Swing getting great exercise!
In the spirit of World Cup Qualifiers and because there is a match tomorrow against Mexico, we wanted *to let students come in their national soccer team gear/uniform instead of P.E. shirts and shorts*, to show support for our national team. This is totally optional, but we’ve had the majority of students make that request today! —–
I also wanted to take this opportunity to let all of you know *two important things* to have a successful academic year.
1) Your child has an @berkeleycr.com account set up for you to supervise and be in touch with, so please let your teacher know if you have any trouble accessing the platform.
*Here are some steps for you to check to see if your child’s account is active and working:*
1. Go to the URL www.gmail.com
2. Enter your child’s first initial of their first name and their last name (for example, mine is pswing for Peter Swing) together with @berkeleycr.com as their ID = pswing@berkeleycr.com. ***Note: Berkeley is spelled with three “E’s.” It is commonly misspelled as “Berkley” or “Berkely.”
3. Their default password is “Berkeley2017” – PLEASE CHANGE THIS CASE SENSITIVE PASSWORD IMMEDIATELY in the Gmail settings option.
Every student should have a functioning email account. It is an amazing organizational tool that I hope all parents can add to their electronic devices!
Also, your email password may have been affected due to maintenance and upgrading, so if it your current password doesn’t work, please try the default password above.
2) To better navigate our policies and rules at our school, it is important to thoroughly read the Parent Student Handbook. Parents are to sign and submit the last page of the handbook to ensure that all regulations are understood by both family members and students.
That’s all I have for tonight. Have a great day tomorrow!
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Vamos sele and GO PRIDE!!!
Very respectfully yours, ——– Peter J. Swing *President, Head of School* *BERKELEY ACADEMY | *FOR MULTICULTURAL STUDIES www.berkeleycr.com
(506) 2203-4621 CR (506) 8582-2505 <8582%202505> CR (415) 944-9392 USA pswing@berkeleycr.com