***Student Group – Berkeley Academy Soup Kitchen Initiative Announcement

Dear Parents,
My name is Julian Gonzalez, a 12th Grade Senior, and I represent Berkeley Academy Soup Kitchen (BASK), founded by 12th Grade Senior – Alessandro Poma.
BASK organizes biweekly meetings to prepare supplies (food, clothes, bottled water, etc.) to deliver them to the homeless people of San Jose. We will be organizing a “colecta” tomorrow, *Friday, October 6th*, to benefit the homeless population of San Jose who are affected by the Tropical Storm.
BASK representatives will be receiving supplies at the Berkeley Academy Auditorium *from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.* We will depart to San Jose to distribute clothes, prepared materials and sandwiches to the homeless.
Your support to this initiative is greatly encouraged and appreciated. If you wish to help, please bring any of the following supplies:
-Clothes that you wish to donate. *Please separate or label them with: male or female; adult or child.*
-Food (to prepare the sandwiches):
-Sandwich loaf bread (pan cuadrado) -Ham -Cheddar or “Monterrico” Cheese -Ketchup -Mustard -Mayonnaise -Coffee (ground) -Coffee cups -Sugar/cream packets -Orange juice -Napkins -Sandwich Bags -Plastic bags/brown bags to pack the sandwiches
If you wish to volunteer and accompany us to San Jose, please contact me (cel: 8425-9108) or Pedro Mora, another BASK representative (cel: 711-4239).
We hope you can join our efforts in helping our Costa Rican community in need.
Kind Regards,
Julian Gonzalez
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