****New Campus Committee 2018

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents and Families:
Thank you to all of those that attended last Thursday’s meeting regarding the new and exciting things happening at Berkeley Academy this year.
The *first* of our action items is to provide all of you the *public letter* sent by the Municipality of Escazu to Santa Ana regarding the deliberate hindrance of our project. The letter is attached for your review. We are certain there are some unjust and unethical elements presented in this letter. However, at this time, we believe it is a moot point. As stated in the meeting, we do not want to work against the entities presented nor do we want to build our campus in a place where we are not wanted by the surrounding community.
The *second* element of our action items agenda, on my recommendation, was to provide you insight about *our financial capacity* to fund our project. We have many offers on the table of financing our project via banking institutions and private investments. The most attractive, efficient, and viable option (Banco Improsa) is attached in a letter. Banco Improsa is a private bank that has established an incredible relationship with our school and have committed to providing us with great support in more ways than one. Banco Improsa is a professional group that continues to support Berkeley Academy. Due to confidentiality reasons, we have blurred the percentage rates as a courtesy to our Business Development Representatives at the bank. This proposal is contingent upon strict banking requirements.
The *third* element of our action items was to create a committee regarding our new campus. The purpose of this committee is to:
1) *Support* in providing holistic parent feedback regarding the different locations that Berkeley Academy has identified as a potential location for our new facilities. We will provide the voting platform for our community via Google Forms.
*This link is not yet fully complete!* However, if you would like to take an initial visit based on our discussion, here is the form to view a couple of the properties mentioned: goo.gl/forms/qaCqy9BNhLXM8oiF2
2) Provide any last minute viable options regarding properties in Santa Ana. Though we have thoroughly vetted most properties available, we will still welcome any suggestions to add to our pool by *February 1st*. Remember, we will not invest any time or capital in properties that do not have the proper licenses specifically for schools (in accordance with the “uso de suelo”), nor in properties that are in zones deemed “unbuildable” by the Plan Regulador/Zonification (attached in this email).
I look forward to communicating more about our progress on *Thursday, February 1 *to coordinate a follow-up meeting with our new committee. Though we have experienced setbacks this past year and a half, but we are ready to have a rejuvenated sense of motivation to carry this project out this year!
Onward, Peter
——– Peter J. Swing *President, Head of School* *BERKELEY ACADEMY | *FOR MULTICULTURAL STUDIES www.berkeleycr.com
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