***Important Message – Passing of Professor Randall P. Boughton

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families:
It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of one of our beloved professors, Randall P. Boughton. He was involved in a traffic accident on Saturday evening, and we just confirmed with his family and public officials of his passing.
To honor our colleague, we are hosting a candlelight vigil in our auditorium tomorrow, *July 3, from 4:30pm – 5:30pm*. We ask that you bring a candle to light during this difficult time. If you would like to bring a “thank you” note, or other items in his remembrance, we will try to arrange the items to be sent to his family.
Mr. Randall Boughton taught Middle and High School English Literature and Composition. He provided his very best to our community and students. We hope his lessons carry on through our students’ lives forever.
He will be dearly missed.
With a heavy heart, Berkeley Academy Administration
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