Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families:
We are very excited to usher in Berkeley Academy’s Academic Year 2020-21 this *Tuesday, August 11th*!
We know that both existing and new families and students are anxious to get started. We assure you that the team of staff and faculty at Berkeley Academy are as well. We have spent this entire summer working hard to ensure a smooth and exciting virtual school program.
This *Monday, August 10th at 1:30pm* we will host a Virtual Meeting to formally introduce all of our world-class faculty and administration, emphasize guidelines for the first week of school, and cover any important items that you may have missed during our last virtual meeting regarding the strategic plan.
We have prepared for you orientation packets/folders for each and every student on our roster. You may pick-up these packets/folders any time beginning today, *Friday, August 7th.* If you cannot make it to campus, we have delivery service available to bring this packet directly to your homes. You can coordinate the pick-up or delivery by calling our admin office. *We understand that next week has many vehicle restrictions*, so please do not worry if you cannot make a pick-up. The information in our packets are important documents that should be read and signed by parents, but are available electronically by coordinating with your child’s teacher. Additionally, depending on your child’s grade level, classwork and grade-specific materials are provided in the orientation packets.
As within any initial attempt, a few parents had difficulty logging in to our virtual platform during our first meeting. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through these small technical problems. Hopefully, this time around, we have resolved connectivity issues in order for all of our families to participate.
To access the Virtual Meeting via Google Meet, *please log in to your child’s designated @berkeleycr.com <berkeleycr.com> email account* for optimal access and then click on the link below:
meet.google.com/lookup/edv7lkyfn5 If you are a new family to our community and do not know your child’s @ berkeleycr.com email account information, please contact our administrative office to provide you guidance. If you are an existing family member, your child should have access to their account information.
If you must log-in by using a non-@berkeleycr.com *personal account*, please use the *Google Meet Invitation that was sent to your email* to join the Google Classroom titled, “Berkeley Academy Parent & Family Classroom.” Once you’ve joined the Google Classroom, you can click on the Meet Link found in the Classroom’s header.
If you are still having trouble connecting during the actual meeting, please feel free to send me and our admin office (admin@berkeleycr.com) an email to add you manually into the meeting.
In this Google Classroom, you will find all the important documents that our Berkeley Academy team will cover during the presentation.
If any information in this email was not clear, please contact our administrative office for further guidance. We look forward to seeing all of you at our Virtual Meeting and having an amazing, positive start to this 2020-21 Academic Year.
——– Peter J. Swing *President* *BERKELEY ACADEMY | *FOR MULTICULTURAL STUDIES www.berkeleycr.com
(506) 2203-4621 CR (506) 8582-2505 CR (415) 944-9392 USA pswing@berkeleycr.com