Senior Theses

Honor - Prestige - Excellence

One of the academic elements required to successfully graduate Berkeley Academy is to complete a Senior Thesis in Grade 12. The Senior Thesis is a 15-page academic research paper (20 pages to satisfy the honors designation of our institution) that includes the following elements: abstract, overview, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, literature review, and coda. Supervised by Berkeley Academy’s high school faculty and administrators, Senior Theses demonstrate the academic rigor and top-tier scholarship of our students before pursuing their undergraduate degrees. All Grade 12 students are subjected to presenting and defending their theses in the weeks before graduation.

Below are the list of theses that have been defended and approved by Berkeley Academy high school faculty and administrators.

Thomas Bandilla (Virginia Tech ’27; Computer Science)

Valentina Larco (University of Florida ’27; Psychology)

Tanya Manchanda (University of Washington ’27; Computer Science)

Ximena Rodriguez (New York University ’27; Psychology)

Ariela Rojas (Florida Atlantic University ’27; Business Administration)

Natalia Rojas (University of Florida ’27; Computer Science)

Paul Sergi (University of Massachusetts, Amherst ’27; Biology)

Jeremy Sutton (University of California San Diego ’27; Aerospace Engineering)

Alfonzo Velazquez (Michigan State University ’27; Mechanical Engineering)

Ignacio Velazquez (Fordham University ’27; Business Administration)

Luismelia Velazquez (Universidad de Navarra ’27; Law)

Kitana Winklaar (Florida Atlantic University ’27; Psychology)



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