Robin Hall
Principal – Elementary
Robin Hall is Berkeley Academy’s Principal – Elementary.
Mrs. Hall, with her family, moved to Costa Rica from Canada in December of 2014. She studied Marketing and Public Relations in Canada, completing her education in 2002. Mrs. Hall was a recruiter and trainer for technology-based companies, such as Sony, Panasonic and LG.  She traveled around North America training and teaching in the corporate setting until starting a family in 2010.  She also obtained a specialty in teaching English Foreign Language Learners (TEFL).
  1. 5th Grade
  2. 4th Grade
  3. 3rd Grade
  4. 2nd Grade
  5. 1st Grade
  6. Kindergarten
  7. Pre-Kindergarten

Roles (past experiences in education)

  1. Principal (Elementary)
  2. Vice Principal (Elementary)
  3. Assistant Vice Principal (Elementary)
  4. Elementary Coordinator

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