Ximena Castillo

Ximena Castillo is Berkeley Academy’s Middle & High School Lead Teacher.

Ms. Castillo has over eight years of teaching experience and just over four years in successfully preparing Berkeley Academy students in both the AP Spanish Language/Literature and Costa Rican National Baccalaureate examinations. She has flawlessly transitioned into her leadership position as the academic and conduct director for more than 100 carefully selected students. Ms. Castillo, a native of Colombia, has obtained her AP College Board certifications in the area of Spanish Language Instruction.

Courses taught

  1. AP Spanish Language and Culture
  2. AP Spanish Literature
  3. CR Spanish Baccalaureate required courses (6-11th grade)
  4. Spanish Composition and Writing

Roles (past experiences in education/business)

  1. Lead Teacher – Middle & High School
  2. Assistant Principal – Middle and High School
  3.  Middle and High School Coordinator
  4. Spanish Language Curriculum Director
  5. Spanish Language Lead Instructor

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