Berkeley Academy’s Program
Combining a world-class (AP) honors curriculum and a multicultural studies perspective, located in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

Berkeley Academy’s academic program offers its students an innovative, rigorous, balanced, bilingual, and diverse education. We focus on the passion of knowledge, through broad experiences in all of the areas of academics. From preschool to upper-division high school, we prepare our students to be their best academic and personal selves. 

Lower Elementary Education

(Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 1)

Upper Elementary Education

(Grade 2 through Grade 5)

Middle School Education

(Grade 6 through Grade 8)

Lower Division High School Education

(Grade 9 through 10)

Upper Division High School Education

(Grade 11 through Grade 12)

Sports and Health Education

(Grade Pre-K through Grade 12)

Clubs and Extra Curricular Activities

(Grade Pre-K through 12)

Internship Programs

(Grade 10 through 12)

Community Service

(Grade 8 through 12)

Honors Thesis

(Grade 11 through 12)