**** Uniform of the Day, Clarification for Student Exit Procedures, Parent -Student Handbook

Berkeley-Academy-Parent-Student-Handbook-Fall-2022-23.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families: The uniform of the day tomorrow is as follows: *All elementary students*, *with the exception of Grade 1B*, should report to school *with polo uniforms tomorrow.* Elementary students will have P.E. days (on which they should wear their P.E. uniform) depending on their grade level. Student schedules […]

***Important Reminders for the First Week of School!

Welcome-Back-Important-Reminders.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families: Here are some important reminders: First day of school is *Tuesday, August 16 at 7:45am*. *Pre-K through Kindergarten* students can be picked up earlier at *2:30pm*; *School ends officially at 2:45pm* for all students. *- All elementary students* (Pre-K through grade 5) will be *picked up in […]

Fwd: Week At A Glance

FYI – If you did not receive this email from our administration, there are important elements you should be aware of. Thanks, Professor Swing ——– Peter J. Swing Pronouns (he/him/his) *President* *BERKELEY ACADEMY | *FOR MULTICULTURAL STUDIES www.berkeleycr.com (506) 2203-4621 CR (506) 8582-2505 CR (415) 944-9392 USA pswing@berkeleycr.com ———- Forwarded message ——— From: Berkeley Admin […]

Activate Santa Ana!

Come join Berkeley Academy, Municipalidad de Santa Ana, the U.S. Embassy, Costa Rican Rugby Federation, Costa Rican Basketball Federation, Costa Rican Surf Association, Scrum for Life, Santa Ana’s Sports and Youth Committee, and the world champion Los Angeles Rams’ Strength and Conditioning Coach Jermaine Collier this Saturday at 8:00am for a community initiative “Activate Santa […]


Building-Back-Better-Spring-2022-UPDATED-FEB.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families: Please find attached the revised edition of the Building Back Better Plan 2022. One important element that has been revised is *the quarantine period being reduced from 10 to 7 days, as per the direction of the Ministry of Health*. Thank you, *Office of the Director of […]

Google Meeting Links for Building Back Better Spring 2022

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families: Please find below the links to today’s school meeting at 2:30pm to discuss our Building Back Better Spring 2022 plan. Elementary: meet.google.com/oae-pquo-zax Middle and High School: meet.google.com/hvq-sfqh-nab If the links above do not allow you to join for any reason, please use this link: meet.google.com/ryu-jqiv-wng Thank you! *Office […]


Building-Back-Better-Spring-2022.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Families, and Students: Please find the updated Building Back Better Plan for Spring 2022. This document will outline Berkeley Academy’s COVID-19 protocols, posture, and procedures. Please read the document as many elements have been updated and changed from the previous version. We thank you for being part of our Berkeley […]

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE – Reintegration of All Students 2nd Quarter – October 12

Letter-to-Berkeley-Academy-Families-100521.pdf (SPANISH VERSION BELOW) Wednesday, October 6, 2021 Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Families and Students: We hope that you all are safe and well! The purpose of this letter is to notify all of our parents, families, and students regarding the full reintegration to in-person instruction for all grade levels Pre-K through Grade 12 beginning […]

MS/HS ASB Elections and Special Event Tomorrow

Itinerario-Panel-Presidencial-2.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Students, Parents and Staff: This is an email reminding you about ASB Middle and High School Elections tomorrow. In the spirit of democratic exercise, we have a wonderful event tomorrow hosted by one of our seniors Daniela Lopez Solis – the president and founder of a student club Berkeley Academy Students […]