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February 8, 2021

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, Families and Friends:

We hope this message finds you all safe and well. Last week, we published our comprehensive reintegration plan – “Building Back Better at Berkeley Academy 2021.” We understand that the decision to allow your children to participate in a hybrid learning model (virtual and in-person) is one that requires profound analysis and consideration. In any case, we want all of our Berkeley Academy parents and families to know that we completely understand all decisions. Remember that the decision to reintegrate back into in-person instruction is 100% optional and is not obligatory. We understand that the health risks of contracting COVID-19 are higher during in-person instruction and we do not want any of our community members to feel that they must reintegrate into in-person instruction.

As we mentioned in our virtual meeting, families are dealing with a very difficult decision to make for their children: balancing physical health and mental health. Based on a recent policy recommendation to the Municipality of Santa Ana, written by a group of masters researchers at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, we are in the middle of a mental health crisis as it relates to the millions of students all across the globe. Part of our impetus to decide to reopen in-person instruction was based on our findings.

We would like to emphasize the great confidence we have in our team of administrators, staff and faculty members who are committed in ensuring that our learning environment is as safe as possible. It will take our entire community – school staff, faculty, students, parents and families – to ensure we are keeping everyone in our Berkeley Academy family safe from infection. We understand that COVID-19 infections may be a likely and possible scenario. However, we are prepared to minimize any infections, endure the consequences together as a team in this new reality, and ensure that our learning environment continues to make a positive change in our community.

We hope for the best as we reintegrate back to in-person instruction this month.


Very respectfully yours,

Peter J. Swing
President, Co-Founder

Yorlenny Aguilar
Vice President, Co-Founder

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