President & VP’s Message

Honor - Prestige - Excellence

October 20, 2022

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, Families and Friends:

We hope this letter finds you all safe and well! This past week, we were reminded of what living under the constraints of the pandemic is, once again. Due to heightened cases of respiratory infections saturating Costa Rica’s Children’s Hospital and inclement weather keeping students mostly indoors, we were required to wear masks until the end of the month. Despite these new protocols, our staff, faculty, parents and students have demonstrated their full cooperation and support making school at Berkeley Academy what it is: a warm, loving, and caring learning environment.

This week and next, our school will be celebrating our diversity and cultural backgrounds in a series of events that all Berkeley Academy students are participating in. Headed by our wonderful Performing Arts Department, students, faculty and staff will be able to “travel” across our entire campus to experience various traditions and cultures based in each of our classrooms. It is Berkeley Academy’s vision to develop and cultivate all of our students to become global citizens as we believe the exposure and understanding of different cultures leads to justice, equity and peace. The countries that are represented in our event are represented by a member of our staff, faculty or student body – meaning that we not only have in-depth knowledge of the country that we are presenting but we also have an individual who can speak personally about these customs and traditions.

These types of learning platforms and activities is what makes being at Berkeley Academy such a magical and enlightening experience. We invite you to ask your children what they learned during our all-school event when they return home. You might be pleasantly surprised about what you hear and perhaps motivate you and your family to take an actual family trip in the winter or summer!

Stay tuned for pictures and videos of the event!


Very respectfully yours,

Peter J. Swing
President, Co-Founder

Yorlenny Aguilar
Vice President, Co-Founder

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