President & VP’s Message

Honor - Prestige - Excellence

April 3, 2022

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, Families and Friends:

We hope this letter finds you all well! After two years of the pandemic, we are finally seeing some sort of normalcy within our school community. COVID-19 cases are diminishing and national infection rates are below 1,000. Though there are many positive things to look forward to, our educators understand that we must work diligently and harder than ever to recuperate the skills, knowledge and abilities that the pandemic has taken away from us. This means that we must work together in identifying and reconciling the various gaps in learning and socialization that have affected our children. We have introduced Socio-emotional Learning (SEL) kernels to all grades and also implemented a “Life Skills” class to help students cope, regroup, and recover the personal and academic skills they lost during this period. We have much to recover and it will take time. However, in trusting in our world-class education program, we are confident that Berkeley Academy students will not only recover their skills, but be more resilient and stronger than ever.

Speaking of resilience, we want to take this time to recognize our graduating senior class. Despite learning during the most challenging times, our Berkeley Academy Grade 12 students have achieved great results. Sofia Arias was admitted to the University of Florida, Mijal Gutierrez was admitted to the University of North Carolina, Fabiola Vindas was admitted to the University of Southern California, Antonio Mellor was admitted to the University of Oregon, Anthony Valverde was admitted to the University of South Florida, Sebastian Montes de Oca was admitted to Boston University, Isabella Boyd was admitted to Michigan State University, and Daniela Lopez Solis was admitted to Harvard College and Dartmouth College.

We are incredibly proud of their achievements.


Very respectfully yours,

Peter J. Swing
President, Co-Founder

Yorlenny Aguilar
Vice President, Co-Founder

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