Berkeley Athletics


The fundamental elements of Berkeley Academy are 1) providing world-class educational services for students Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 12 in Costa Rica, 2) molding and positioning our high school students to obtain admissions at top-tier universities and colleges, more specifically in the U.S., 3) developing and cultivating students that create a positive impact in their communities. Established five years ago in 2013, Berkeley Academy is currently one of the most recognized international American private schools in Costa Rica. Berkeley Academy is the only College Board institutional member in Costa Rica and has produced high school graduates that have been accepted to top-tier univeristies. Berkeley Academy’s goal is to become, not only Costa Rica’s, but the world’s leading international educational institution that services elementary through high school students. By utilizing our world-class multicultural curriculum, college preparation and discipline, in conjunction with a new elite sports program, Berkeley Academy students will be equipped with the skills and characteristics that are sought after by top-tier universities who grant scholarships abroad. Additionally, Berkeley Academy aspires to establish a platform to support developing professional and scholar-athletes to be properly represented in international professional sports leagues. As a recognized brand in Costa Rica, Berkeley Academy is ready to launch its first-ever corporate iniative to further develop its athletic department. The financial and in-kind resources obtained through this initiative will support in developing a strong, successful and sustainable model of operation.