Team Development Program

– Establish a consistent brand and identity of oustanding team sports achievement begining with Boys and Girls soccer, volleyball and basketball.
– Augment Berkeley Academy’s equipment and resources to provide the tools for our students to excel in training and practice.

Berkeley Academy’s team development must begin with pilot teams in soccer and must enlist a coach/advisor accountable for each sport. The sports teams that are most developed at Berkeley Academy are:


Boys Soccer – Lower Elementary; Boys Soccer – Upper Elementary; Boys Soccer – Middle School; Boys Soccer – High School; Boys Basketball – High School


Girls Soccer – Upper Elementary; Girls Soccer – High School; Girls Volleyball – High School

– The consistency and committement of participating members are essential for a successful team. – (Attendance records)

– Staff and faculty who can assist in organizing and managing equipment and resources are also essential. – (Equipment check-in and check-out records)

– Maintainance of Berkeley Academy brand in uniform consistency – (Uniform consistency; branding of transportation vehicle)

– Maintainance of Berkeley Academy team consistency
– (Unison in warm-ups and cool downs; exercises)

– Team cohesion through non-sporting events and get-togethers
– (Record/photos to be posted; section on website; presence in E-Newsletter)