Sports Events



– Establish four (4) Berkeley Academy Athletic Depratment Sponsored Events to establish a presence in the local community (Tournament Particpation, Berkeley Academy Cup, ID Camp/Combine, Annual Sports Gala, Lecture Series, Business Fair)
– Position our student-athletes to be exposed to an international market (university visits, scholarship opportunities, professional etc.)

Berkeley Academy’s Particpation in Copa Patrick (January 2019)

Berkeley Academy will register for the school’s first-ever international/overseas soccer tournament. Berkeley Academy will need to:

1) register competing teams
2) arrange the travel and accomodation for two staff members
3) create the training program and prepare the teams competing
4) implement sponsor’s logos on uniform, banners, equipment (September) 5) confirm attendees (parents, families, student-athletes)
6) team bonding and lifetime of experience

Berkeley Academy Soccer I.D. Camp/Combine

Berkeley Academy will produce Costa Rica’s first-ever U.S. College sanctioned High School Soccer I.D. Camp and Middle School – High School Soccer Combine. Berkeley Academy will partner with three (3) partners in the U.S. to produce the combine. Berkeley Academy will need to:

1) secure the venue (December 2018)
2) arrange the travel and accomodations for at least three (3) U.S. Soccer coaches and scouts 3) create the program/sequence of events | training/discussions | presentations
4) set the price per entrant
5) heavily market the event to high schools in Costa Rica
6) secure two major keynote speakers
7) arrange event set-up/break-down team

– capture the information of every participant
8) follow up with U.S. Soccer coaches and scouts regarding Berkeley Academy students