**** Uniform of the Day, Clarification for Student Exit Procedures, Parent -Student Handbook

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families:
The uniform of the day tomorrow is as follows:
*All elementary students*, *with the exception of Grade 1B*, should report to school *with polo uniforms tomorrow.* Elementary students will have P.E. days (on which they should wear their P.E. uniform) depending on their grade level. Student schedules will be sent by their teachers.
*ALL Middle and High School (Grade 6-12) students* should report to school in* polo uniforms tomorrow* as it is the first day of school. Thursday will be the first P.E. day in which they should report to school in P.E. uniforms.
Exit Procedure Clarification:
If families have multiple students in different age groups, we ask families to report to their YOUNGEST child’s exit area. For example – a family with children in Grades 3 and 10 should report to the main entrance for pick-up.
If you are traveling by foot/walking (families living in Santa Ana Hills or Avalon for example), we ask families to use the small north entrance gate for pick-up.
Thank you for your support and cooperation! We wish all of you a wonderful first day of school.
*Office of the Director of Administration* *Berkeley Academy for Multicultural Studies* www.berkeleycr.com
(506) 2203-4621 CR admin@berkeleycr.com