**** Uniform of the Day, Clarification for Student Exit Procedures, Parent -Student Handbook

Berkeley-Academy-Parent-Student-Handbook-Fall-2022-23.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families: The uniform of the day tomorrow is as follows: *All elementary students*, *with the exception of Grade 1B*, should report to school *with polo uniforms tomorrow.* Elementary students will have P.E. days (on which they should wear their P.E. uniform) depending on their grade level. Student schedules […]

***Important Reminders for the First Week of School!

Welcome-Back-Important-Reminders.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families: Here are some important reminders: First day of school is *Tuesday, August 16 at 7:45am*. *Pre-K through Kindergarten* students can be picked up earlier at *2:30pm*; *School ends officially at 2:45pm* for all students. *- All elementary students* (Pre-K through grade 5) will be *picked up in […]

Fwd: Week At A Glance

FYI – If you did not receive this email from our administration, there are important elements you should be aware of. Thanks, Professor Swing ——– Peter J. Swing Pronouns (he/him/his) *President* *BERKELEY ACADEMY | *FOR MULTICULTURAL STUDIES www.berkeleycr.com (506) 2203-4621 CR (506) 8582-2505 CR (415) 944-9392 USA pswing@berkeleycr.com ———- Forwarded message ——— From: Berkeley Admin […]


Building-Back-Better-Spring-2022-UPDATED-FEB.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students and Families: Please find attached the revised edition of the Building Back Better Plan 2022. One important element that has been revised is *the quarantine period being reduced from 10 to 7 days, as per the direction of the Ministry of Health*. Thank you, *Office of the Director of […]

Google Meeting Links for Building Back Better Spring 2022

Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Students, and Families: Please find below the links to today’s school meeting at 2:30pm to discuss our Building Back Better Spring 2022 plan. Elementary: meet.google.com/oae-pquo-zax Middle and High School: meet.google.com/hvq-sfqh-nab If the links above do not allow you to join for any reason, please use this link: meet.google.com/ryu-jqiv-wng Thank you! *Office […]


Building-Back-Better-Spring-2022.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Families, and Students: Please find the updated Building Back Better Plan for Spring 2022. This document will outline Berkeley Academy’s COVID-19 protocols, posture, and procedures. Please read the document as many elements have been updated and changed from the previous version. We thank you for being part of our Berkeley […]

*** IMPORTANT NOTICE – Reintegration of All Students 2nd Quarter – October 12

Letter-to-Berkeley-Academy-Families-100521.pdf (SPANISH VERSION BELOW) Wednesday, October 6, 2021 Dear Berkeley Academy Parents, Families and Students: We hope that you all are safe and well! The purpose of this letter is to notify all of our parents, families, and students regarding the full reintegration to in-person instruction for all grade levels Pre-K through Grade 12 beginning […]

MS/HS ASB Elections and Special Event Tomorrow

Itinerario-Panel-Presidencial-2.pdf Dear Berkeley Academy Students, Parents and Staff: This is an email reminding you about ASB Middle and High School Elections tomorrow. In the spirit of democratic exercise, we have a wonderful event tomorrow hosted by one of our seniors Daniela Lopez Solis – the president and founder of a student club Berkeley Academy Students […]